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Lushna Village Massive

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We were asked by a client to propose a solution for a bit more remote and elevated part of their campground. They were actually thinking of buying classic mobile homes! But this place was so magical with the smell of freshness in the air and surrounded by forest that it would be a sin to erect plastic-steel prefab lodges.
We designed our A-frame cabins on the basis of autochthon temporary simple char woodman shelter called kozaricaand transformed it into universal and timeless architecture. In structure and construction, we have used the knowledge of our forebears and combined traditional woodwork with modern aspects of glamping.

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The name Lushna - the majority of people who experienced sleeping in our cabins were using the word cuteto describe their look & feel. And Lushna is an expression we use in Slovenia to describe cute girl or a woman. The decision was quite easy.

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