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The Pullman Shed

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There is a covenant associated with this shed. When I am done with it, it has to be passed on freely to the next steward for the purposes of some sort of creative work, be it mathematic, masonry, painting, writing, balloon sculpure, long as the work is creative. The shed originally belonged to Philip Pullman who wrote the His Dark Materials trilogy within it as well as some other books. I've written and illustrated lesser works within it, including some of the scripts and drawings for the Bing series of preschool books and the BBC television animated series. Future stewards must swear to honour the covenant, and are free to make any changes they find suitable to make the shed work for their own purposes.

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The shed is fairly humble, with twee Laura Ashley wallpaper on some of the walls, and has been fitted with a Crittel factory metal window salvaged from a nearby factory that was demolished in 2004. It is 8foot by 12 foot and features most of the former contents of a vintage optician's office and an antique dentist chair for meditation.

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