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Knockbrake Railroad

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Used for my large scale American Santa Fe model railroad collection which includes 9 tracks for running trains into and out of my shed. Full servicing area is also available for maintaining rolling sytock and locomotives. The railroad control room is also situated within which is includes cctv for viewing blindspots on the railroad. I use my shed for repairing/maintaining my carpentry/joinery equipment. Also used for garaging my motorcycle. Shed is used for storing tools and equipment. Shed was sometimes used for temporary accomodation and storage whilst I rebuilt my two cottages into a home.

Other info

Shed was completed in January 2009. Constructed from timber framing and fully insulated with Kingspan and lined with building paper and initially timber clad. Red pine flooring resting on joists. The timber cladding was subjected to extreme weather conditions and detriorated, this was replaced with steel cladding in the spring of 2016. The windows are all double glazed. Sloping roof is clad in felt. The interior is lined with plywood. Double doors allow easier access for my motorbike.

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