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18a - The Workshop

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My workshop provides a great space to work on projects, relax with a beer at the end of long day but most of all it make me smile when i see it!

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Working as a designer my mind often wanders off and I start thinking about new ideas and future projects, but one thing I kept coming back to was the fact that I wanted to design and build my own workshop. I just need a space to build one!

After finally getting a house with my girlfriend Fran I set about designing a workshop that would fit at the bottom of the garden and provide a space to store/tinker with bicycles, build furniture/lights as well as providing a space to relax at the end of the day. We also wanted to have a deck to provide a space for BBQs, beers and good times. I took inspiration from a vast amount of places and finally after 4 months of design work and research we had a design that we believed suited the space at the end of the garden. The build process took approximately 6 months of evenings and weekends with help from family members through sun, snow and rain and could not have been done without them.

The workshop is constructed with a timber sectional floor bolted together which was then clad in OSB, the walls are again sectional with a timber frame, breathable membrane and bitumen cladding to three exterior sides. The three sides clad in bitumen are very low maintenance and being black help the building to absorb heat. The front face is vertically clad in cedar with double glazed windows and double doors. The interior walls were then insulated and clad in OSB, storage, doors, work benchs and desks were then added. The space just in front of the workshop needed some love so we added four large vegetable beds a water butt, outdoor sink, taps along with a beach themed stone pathway. I hope you like it!

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