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Happy Ours

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Happy Ours is at the end of our woodland garden in a secluded position and was originally erected 15 years ago. Our family use it as a place to relax and chat over a cup of tea or sunny evenings with a gin & tonic. It's like part of the family experiencing and surviving a flood that ruined many neighbouring houses, providing a children's play area for many years and also a calm place to for me to read, sleep when I was unwell 12 years ago. After high winds this winter the roof needed replacing as the interior was getting damp. We replaced the roof cheaply and easily and this gave it a new lease of life. As we have parents at the coast and would ideally like to be closer Happy Ours has completely transformed from woodland to seaside and we all love it and are using it more than ever. Our learnings were that we should always buy a tester as you will see from our pictures we painted it in 2 coats of Cuprinol Coastal Mist which was very pretty but not the colour that I wanted! The next day I decided to review the colours and we now have it exactly as imagined. We hope to have at least another 15 years of use and this has been achieved very cost effectively by changing the colour to Cuprinol Willow with exterior windows in Cuprinol Country Cream. Interior brilliant white and new vinyl flooring instead of carpet.

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