Front view of shed - The Hive, Essex Open for business of shed - The Hive, Essex The bar of shed - The Hive, Essex Photo booth and menu of shed - The Hive, Essex
All photos are copyright sheddie Deborah Wyatt
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The Hive

  • Sheddie:

    Deborah Wyatt
  • Location:

    Garden - Essex
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    • Cost of shedbuild:

      More than £1000

    Shed Features

    A shed is a shed, or though they say,
    But mine is used n a different way.
    It's full of bolts and 'rusty nails',
    With lots of 'screwdrivers' scattered around.
    But not a saw in sight is there,
    Just a couple of comfy chairs.
    The door's a jar, and you will see,
    Lot's of glasses, such as martinis,
    Tall and pint, to name but a few,
    And even some masons just for you.
    An array of bottles sparkle bright,
    Under the pink crystal light.
    Music flows and fills the air,
    It's time to taste the cocktail flair.
    Woo woo, Cosmo and Blue Lagoon,
    Manhattan, mojito to name but a few.
    It's time to select your favourite tipple,
    Did someone just ask for a 'Slippery Nipple!'
    Family and friends flock from afar,
    To try the cocktails from my bar.
    Fun and happiness is what we strive,
    So that's why we named it The Hive.

    Other Shed info

    Summer house converted into a bar with the help from my dad, who put in the foundations and built the shelving etc inside.

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