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The Temple Of The Little Owl

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When I moved into my home, Beltane Cottage, this summer house was in the garden (the beautiful garden and the views were what sold the house. It was being used as a shed) When we moved in it was still filled with garden tools, lawnmowers, general things you'd find in a shed- to me it seemed far too lovely a space to be acting as simply a shed! So I bought a boring old shed to move all of the rubbish into and since then this summerhouse has become 'The Temple of the Little Owl'. Being an active witch it is my spiritual place where I go to celebrate the sabbats and carrying out pagan rituals. It is full of occult odds and ends and features a main altar at the back and smaller altars set up in each corner to honour the four elements. It also holds part of my vast owl collection as there are so many now they where really cluttering up the house! This seemingly unassuming summerhouse has a very tranquil and cosy atmosphere. Even in the snow and minus temperatures it is cosy even in the winter and my husband often joins me out there for a drink the evening just to take in the lovely atmosphere. From the outside you wouldn't guess what a quirky, wonderful space this is and the setting and surrounding views are just magnificent!

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