Front, outside on the day she was painted! of shed - The Summerhouse , West Midlands Front View of shed - The Summerhouse , West Midlands 'Boris' the guardian of the summerhouse of shed - The Summerhouse , West Midlands Inside on an evening of shed - The Summerhouse , West Midlands Summerhouse during construction of shed - The Summerhouse , West Midlands
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The Summerhouse

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    After watching 'Shed of the Year' in 2015, I told my husband I really wanted a shed. We looked at prices for summerhouses and went to garden centres for ideas but they were quite simply out of our price range. Hubs then had a brainwave: Sheds are cheaper then summerhouses. We found my little shed in a budget garden centre, the idea being we would add windows to the doors. My husband and father-in-law built thed shed and deck and i painted her. When i saw how beautiful the doors were i couldn't bear to cut them to put windows in. So we left them. It's also why i didn't paint the inside of the doors, i wanted to see the wood! She is my very first shed and was built in the last sunny weekend of 2017. Despite the haveing owned her for more colder months than warmer, she gets a lot of use. Rain, shine or snow i throw open her doors and sit listening to the sounds of the garden. We even sat and had a drink in her on Christmas day (she was decorated before the house!) I've let my love of peacocks influnce some of the interior and my love of string lights! She even has a chandileer! (okay, it's actually a christmas tree decoration but ONLY because the roof is too low for a proper one!)

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    Built by hubs and father-in-law, my one year old son LOVES sitting in the Summer House, as do my cats. Although they prefer to sit on the roof and watch the bats.

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