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An Imaginariumrefers to a place devoted to the imagination.

Its our children's imagination that makes the shed (tree house) so special. It's a submarine, a pirate ship, a rocket on the moon and everything in between!....

A multi-level tree house, with its own balcony. A secret trap-door (or two) one of which hides a trampoline!!! Full of secret compartments, hidden drawers, a counter waited door that disappears perfectly into the floor, a look out tower, a slide, a port- hole and much more....

A boyhood dream come true, I built this as a place for my children to play and let their imagination run wild..... preferably whilst mummy & daddy relax, drink beer and listen to all the giggling!!

Other info

Designed and built by my son Buddy Clifton (age 19 months) my daughter Beau Clifton (age 3.5 years) and me, their proud daddy!! Designed to nestle between two trees, camouflage behind a blossom tree, not tower over our boundary fence, be age appropriate, be friendly to the environment and most of all be a fun, traditional, wholesome place for their imagination to run free. A little more to add on the inside but very nearly there

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