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Frears Bar

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    Nick Frearson
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    Garden - Surrey
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  • More than £500


Frears Bar started out as a small space to have a drink with close friends and family. Four years and several extensions later, it's become the social hub for our neighbourhood. Hosting live bands, comedy nights, Christmas and New Year parties and even transforming into a haunted halloween tavern for trick or treaters of all ages. What began as saving an old shed from rotting away, rapidly turned into a full time hobby of running a bar. The results of which has been the making of new friends, bringing neighbours together and much fun and laughter. Stuff that money can't buy.

Other info

We inherited a large rundown shed when we moved in. Complete with bird and wasp nests, a leaking roof and brambles growing through the shiplap. On closer inspection the main structure was sound, it just needed lots of TLC and some human inhabitants instead to qualify as my pub. So, I started to make good, re-felting the roof and then fixing and insulating the dilapidated walls and finally, power for lighting and refrigeration.

But I couldn't stop myself there, I wasn't happy with the standard rectangle shape, so I built a new entrance to the side, adding extra character with windows and an overhanging roof. A year later I extended again by adding a large saloon area with an intimate booth for bar games. All made with recycled wood from my own house renovations and windows generously donated by my neighbour.

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