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Rodneys Retreat

  • Sheddie:

    Jim and Zoey Sharman
  • Location:

    Bottom of our garden - Powys
  • First entered:

  • Cost of shedbuild:

    £250 to £499


After building the summer house with my wife, my health has since deteriorated and my mobility is limited on good days. My wife carried on and moved the decking up to the summerhouse. We use it for sleepovers for my daughters and their friends, myself and my wife even stayed down there whilst decorating our bedroom! We even have a chemical portaloo in their! Wees only !for night time emergencies! To sit down there and relax is a wonderful tonic. The small side window frames Rodneys pillar - a local beauty spot. And its going to be our first Christmas there this year as we plan to install a wood burner and leave strict instructions for Santa to leave our gifts under the tree in there this year.
You wouldnt believe that it was all made out of pallets and recycled materials. The only new items bought were felt for the roof, timber for the roof trusses, insulation (all reduced as damaged packaging or open pays to ask at building merchants) screws and 3 cans of Cuprinol urban slate. Costing to date £301
My wife modelled it on a picture she found on the internet of one that cost £27k
Weve made a sofa that pulls out to a large double double bed.
We have electric in there a beer fridge! Most important. We use a lot of battery twinkle lights but are fazing them out for solar power. Even on rainy days its great to sit in there playing games and listening to the rain... its our very on holiday home tucked away at the bottom of our garden. Recharging our batteries. My wife say the only downfalls were the amount of splinters she picked up and the fact that she now has rough old mans hands.
I am so proud of her. She has done the majority of the work as I just physically cant do it all. She makes me feel useful and needed though. She tells me she couldnt do it without me. Ive got 3 operations coming up on Thursday and she just wants me to relax on the decking and get better while she potters about in the garden... a circle lawn is her next project, oh that and a pond...shes got plans.....

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