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Instant Karma Cabin - The John Lennon Island Home

  • Sheddie:

    John Moore
  • Location:

    Edge of a remote forest - facing mountains to the West of Ireland - Northern Ireland
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  • Cost of shedbuild:

    More than £1000


The story of this cabin links us to the one of the greatest rock and roll talents of all time. In a 1987 interview, Beatles' record producer George Martin said, "... John Lennon was always looking for the impossible, the unattainable." The story of Instant Karma cabin is about reaching for impossible... having a go.

The Instant Karma cabin has a breathtaking forest location facing west across water to mountains and it's a proper getaway. With private shore and amazing views this cabin uses a 'whole log' construction method, with local trees being felled from the forest and seasoned over two years before construction began. The structure is highly insulated and designed for all year use. It's a flexible space with a feature mezzanine floor and walls have been avoided internally as much as possible, creating open space in abundance.

This is a remote location but all modern conveniences have been cleverly added. It's a hybrid space - studio, art work shop, recording, love shack, escape pod and place to chill. It's an office as well if you need to work! Styling is deliberately mimimalist and uncluttered regards furnishings as you might expect for a cabin retreat experience. The home uses a simple briefcase generator for electrical power and has a highly efficient log burning stove which also produces plently of hot water. It's a property where you can literally jump into a kayak at the bottom of the garden and be on the water in seconds.

Other info

This 'slow build' cabin project was built in stages using a blend of modern and traditional techniques. Instant Karma is the ultimate island escape with plently of distance between you and the rest of the rat race.

The cabin is a bespoke whole log construction from native trees which surely deserves to win any competition through sheer grit and perseverence! This is a home built with a minimal amount of equipment and on a very low budget indeed. The location is remote and challenging meaning that a boat is required to ferry any materials not immediately available.

The building method utilised a raised dwarf wall and uses three internal columns to support the ridge. Finished internally to a good standard in a Scandinavian style.

This project is attributed to the singer/songwriter John Lennon who had plans drawn up for a remote home on nearby Dorinish island in Mayo, which he bought at auction, but never achieved the ambition due to tragic events in New York on 8th December 1980.

Projects in challenging locations need a vision to begin and a lasting determination to complete. Thanks to John Lennon for showing that it can be done.

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