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It is almost invisible at the bottom of the garden and looks really boring. That is on purpose so as not to attract attention. So it's just black weather boarding on the outside and a window.
Then you reveal that one half of the font opens out to become a Tiki Bar. All bamboo and novelty lights with a bar and two fridges.
Behind the bar is a big pull blind with a picture of a Hawaiian beach. Out comes all the bamboo furniture to complete the scene.
And that us just the bar area. Go in thorough the double doors and you have the full workshop, just under 7 metres x 5 metres. All the tools along one wall and cable drum on its side that is the man work table. It's on wheels as is everything else so it can be moved around as required. The cable drum also functions as a food table if its too cold out side. There is loads of stuff nailed tot he ceiling and the walls. It has a phone, internet and proper insulation.

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I built a model of the shed to show the shed builders what I wanted. And they did a perfect job. It even incorporates my wife's potting shed and there's an area for spraying projects.
I fully insulated and sound proofed it so that bands can play at volume 11 in it without upsetting the neighbours.
It also has a palm tree outside it so I can hang my hammock out in the Summer for those really lazy, sunny afternoons.

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