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The Land Of Rusty Gold

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The Land of Rusty Gold is tower of rusty corten steel, it has a square base 2m x 2m and straight sides with a pyramid shaped roof, It is 3.5m tall and contains 2 floors. In the lower floor is a small desk, where I work as a graphic designer, a small beer fridge and a square window on each side. The upper floor, which has a pyramidal ceiling, is home to my 1960's retro hi fi and a reproduction cow-skin Corbusier Chaise. It has 5 windows; Arrow, Cross, Star, Spiral oriented North, South, East and West and representing the 4 members of our family. My son North, myself, my wife Karin and my daughter Willow. In the roof there is a round window which faces towards the lights of the city of London. The walls are decorated with my collection of Russian film posters and an enormous WWI red cross flag.

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This shed replaces a simple wooden one which I built with my late father in law 20 years ago when we first moved into the house. It is suspended over a sheer 2 storey drop which made construction tricky and rather risky. The wooden joists that supported this shed rotted so we had to demolish it. My wife wouldn't let me attempt the death defying balancing act again so we enlisted the help of Jarek who had previously come to the rescue when we had gallons of water gushing through our valley roof and right down the centre of our 5 storey house to the basement.

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