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The Indian Sewing Studio

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    I made this as a studio/workshop for my wife to work in, having promised her a sewing room for many many years. . . . . . It is almost finished.

    I like things to be slightly quirky my wife wanted it practical so it's a sort of compromise. . . .

    I like to think It has a sort of Rustic indian style which both my wife and I like, it is not perfect but that helps its charm. (Well that's what I tell folk). It also has quite a lot of fairy lights on it and in it so does look good in the dark.

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    Started in 2016 with the plan to maybe enter the Shed of the Year Competition in 2017 however I'm a slow worker and so it has only really reached a point I could do so for 2019. Started with scrap wood I soon ran out and had to buy more which has pushed the cost to about 2000 pounds. I should mention that 2000 pounds includes everything inside like the chandelier which was free and the desk salvaged from an office also free and almost everything else comes from charity shops. It is fully insulated so useable in the winter. It has a patio to the rear to chill on in the summer and watch the sunset.

    It is about 85% self build with help from a couple of friends at key points. One the foundation the other getting the roof started.

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