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The Gardener's Inn

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    tina neeve
  • Location:

    Back Garden - Essex
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  • More than £500


My Shed was a bit of an eye sore, so I decided to make another area where you can escape from the normal stress and strain of life. It is so relaxing and calming in there, you could sit in there for hours and not notice the time. Then it can be a fun and party place, loud music, disco lights the full shabang !

I used reclaimed (found wood) for as much as i could. Also the bar top is my old folding table, and with the other leaf of the table made my shelves under the bar. I also found a small broken 3 legged table with no table top and used my old clock (turned upside down) for a new top for the table.

I also made a bench seat with found wood, and just needed a bit of tongue and groove for the outside of my bench. Very handy place to store the roulette wheel and spare drink, coasters etc.. The 3 pub shelves were also found and when varnished looked really amazing.

This project took me a good couple of months just filling the holes inside and out, and to PVA to me forever. I had to pay someone to put up the false ceiling and flooring down, and to make me some windows. Which basically cost me about £400 in labour and parts.

Other info

It was an eye sore, and now its a social place for people to come, relax and let their hair down. I am very proud of my pub and the hard work that has gone into it. It is the first time in my life i had a vision and its come out exactly how i planned.

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