Close-up detail of front door of shed - tiki hut,  of shed - tiki hut,
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tiki hut

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    Shed Features

    My tiki oasis is constructed on an 8 foot by 8 foot pier and beam foundation. Four footings were dug and cemented in place prior to framing. The ceiling height begins at 8 feet and rises to about 15 feet or so. Windows are cast off pieces that were either given to me or found while walking about the neighborhood. Some windows were built from scratch. I used both glass and colored plastic for windows- whatever I could find. The entire construction is covered in plywood and then heavy construction paper. It is skinned in painted and detailed plywood panels, scraps of board, bamboo and cheap tin.

    Other Shed info

    A small dock leads from the front porch and overlooks a 9 foot by 9 foot pond. It is about four feet deep or so. It is constructed of poured and formed cement, sealed with Thoroseal and decorated with tile in a sort of Gaudi like manner. It is chlorinated, has a pump system and one can actually paddle around and cool off in it on a hot day. It took something like three months to dig and over thirty bags of pre- mixed cement. I hand mixed all the cement in a bucket and poured in layers. The stepping-stones leading up to the front door were purchased at a garage sale very cheaply and are set in and grouted with cement. Some of the bamboo trim is from the set of Gilligans Island. It was given to me by one of the workers who grabbed a handful after filming ended.

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