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The Purple Shack Ii

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The Purple Shack II is a little bit of paradise at the bottom of the garden a space to forget the stresses of everyday life and imagine you are back on that exotic holiday. You can look out of the 'window' onto an idilic beach scene (or whatever is available on you tube) transporting you to a far off paradise while the sound of the waves gently sends you to sleep. If relaxing is not your thing the music can be cranked up and the party started.

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The Purple Shack I was a multi use shed used as storage and a summerhouse for most of the time but then on occasion very quickly turned into an entertainment venue. As most projects do the Purple Shack I began as a simple idea but then began to run away with us when the vision of a beach shack took hold. Not satisfied with the 'occasional' party we needed more fun so the storage was abandoned and the shed opened up with a fully stocked bar and chiller even hand pulled beer on tap cleverly utilising the 5ltr supermarket kegs.

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