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The Playhouse

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Apart from it being special for my kids and their friends to play in. What makes me proud of it, is that it's the first thing I have ever made from wood. All the pre-made ones looked cold and damp so I went out and got the materials in the timber yard and went from there. Waterproofing it, making it strong and warm. Finished it by learning how to slate the roof. It really came to life though once we got the Curpinol Garden Shades unto it. Using Coastal Mist as the main colour.

Other info

Floors are decking on top of marine ply sheets on a timber frame.
Decking outside painted in Terracotta, inside painted by the kids in Purple Pansy
The door is v carved and added the main colour Coastal Mist to the detailing. With 3 mm perspex windows surrounded by Pink Honeysuckle paint. All the white is painted with Cuprinol also. Roof is slated. Little window boxes keep the kids interested in gardening having to water the ones under the porch roof.
LED lighting lights the sides at night
Inside walls cladded with printed 5mm pvc to give a cozy look.

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