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Relaxing place for the grownups away from a busy house of 4 children. Since initially seeing the idea of building a shed, our family has grown and we needed to have an area of the garden just for adults especially as it was going to waste and due to neighbouring trees a limited opportunity to grow plants. The shed is now complete with log/wood store, comfy leather chairs, bar, wood burner for those cold winter evenings, decking area with BBQ and sink, patio area with bench and table. With a 45 degree pitched roof it provides adequate headroom for the tallest of people whilst still having traditional shed features like a low door frame, made entirely from timber and that fantastic wooden shed smell!

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Having taken inspiration from a fellow sheddie for the area of a space to allow adults to relax, this shed has been made entirely from materials that have been found/salvaged or repurposed and saved from going to landfill or being recycled. The process of breaking pallets up didnt appeal to me and luckily I managed to see something that looked like large picture frames in a skip in a yard on my route to and from work. I contacted the company and it turned out they were paying to get rid of these. The warehouse manager thankfully allowed me to take as many as I wanted as it saved the cost of skips. I am over the moon with the outcome with the only cost for the shed being the screws that hold it together, the electric cable and the concrete the slabs sit on. It has really shown me what can be done with the scrap from others. A massive thank you must go to all the people that have messaged me to collect their scrap! This is a fantastic space that my wife and I enjoy and will look forward to sharing it with friends post UK lockdown.

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