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Here ls my budget shed, I've made this over the winter from 100 % recycled materials bar the nails so I guess 99.9%, from the floor up including the frame itself, the roof and cladding are all pallet boards, 100s of the buggers, the workshop side of it is my grandads old shed frame that I've rebuilt and new roof (from pallets) and cladded to bring it into one unit including the storage middle part connecting it all, the white ply board cladding inside the pretty shed is recycled ply board that came to me via India through work that were destined for the skip, the door is a fb find again destined for the skip and all the windows are actually picture frame glass / perspex, my particular favourite of upcycling is the 3 small windows on the side which are actually made from the shelves from our old fridge, the frames holding the glass are, you guessed it pallet boards that I've routerd to take the glass, the waterproofing is from a disguarded roll of dpm bar the workshop waterproofing whi h is an old winter car cover. Even though this was a recycling build I've attempted to give it a bit of uniqueness by having the pallet wood cladding bent around the corners so it's rounded as opposed to the typical straight edge corner of a normal shed ive tried to show this in the pics but not sure if you can really see the curve, so all in all what I have is a nice cosy summer house type thing (yet to be furnished although the TV is in there) for the family, small storage shed for the garden tools and toys and a mini workshop, money wise all I've bought is the nails and some silicone for the windows, all in this has cost about 20 quid, I've started to landscape the garden around as well with the pond and bridge and small deck again from pallets, still a work in progress as I'm waiting for delivery of the stone to surround the deck but this is proving a long winded affair with the virus spread, apologies for waffling on but wanted to try say all I could and show that you can have a half decent usable comfy space by upcycling,

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