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I moved into my house about 18 months ago. It had small back garden with an almost unusable lawn on a weird slope. I got me spade and shovel out, stripped the turf and dug down, using the clay and earth to backfill. This gave me a level lawn and a three feet deep, four feet wide trench across the width of the garden.

Using anything I could scavenge - I am a committed Skip Rat - I built the shed half underground.

Other info

Everything you see came from a skip, or was found at roadsides. My house is a new build and they were still building other houses after I moved in. Its a shame, but there is a lot of waste when houses are being built - rejection of materials because of a tiny imperfection, over supply etc.

The shed is constructed mainly from double glazed panels, an old Conran garden table and an industrial pallet. Support for the roof comes from a 200yo oak truss donated by a local man converting an old barn. All I have paid for is screws, glue and some stain.

Oh, I almost forgot - I did build another shed in the garden too - my scooter lives in one side and the other is half tool storage, half greenhouse.

Any relation to Arthur Two Sheds Jackson will be vehemently denied. Did I mention the water feature?

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