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    Mark Campbell
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    In the garden at the bottom of the wood - Derbyshire
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  • More than £500


A unique, fairytale, 2 story fantasy castle built during the 2020 Lockdown. As a retired chap I wore several caps, designer, builder, financier and general dogsbody, I have absolutely no experience in building especially with wood and not even when I was at school. During Lockdown back in March 2020 I was told to Shield due to increased vulnerability which left me with shed loads of time (pardon the pun).

My son reminded me that my father always wanted to build a treehouse for me but could never find the time also I wanted to do the same for my sons but same again, never found the time because of work etc. Then I remembered my Granddaughters love of books and in particular her favorite which had a picture of a small castle.

So instead of building a treehouse I could build something for her and my other Grandchildren (when they arrive). I quickly started designing Winterwood from pictures in her fairytale story books, bought a saw, screws, tape measure and a pile of wood and got creative. Standing at approximately 12 feet tall Winterwood stands at the bottom of a small wood and surrounded by trees and wild flowers this surely is the perfect location to stimulate the Grandchildrens imagination.

Other info

Given Ive no building or joinery experience whatsoever, Google and YouTube became my new best friends. Where I could I wanted to follow correct construction techniques and of course follow the golden rule of measure twice, cut once (or is that measure once, cut twice) either way as you can see something worked !! The main challenges were:

1. Finding local suppliers who were open during Lockdown

2. Keeping a wifi signal for YouTube and Google

3. Keeping safe whilst dangling off ladders 12 foot above the ground whilst putting on the roof for the tower

4. Not eating too much during Lockdown so that I could still get in (and out) through the doorway

5. Making sure I was well behaved. Apparently we dont have a naughty step anymore and Im no longer being sent to Coventry, just off to the Castle (or dungeons) whichever takes my wifes fancy !!

Joking apart, the whole build has been a step in to the unknown but has been great fun and Ive enjoyed every minute. It just shows what you can achieve with just a bit of love and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

Winterwood Shed of the Year 2021 (the Making of)

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