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Calico Roasts

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It's a fantastic place to entertain friends, just head down to it on my own for a pint and to watch some sport or even to work from should you see fit!

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So in the year 2020 (the year of many a garden pub/bar/man cave) I decided that the 12*8 2 level shed that stood in a footprint and had been up for 40 years so neighbours tell me was a waste of space for myself. It had trees growing through it and I barely used it, so I decided to build another shed at the side of the house from scratch (16x3) in anticipation of sticking a summer house in. However the plans escalated and I decided to turn said summer house into a pub, building the bar from scratch inside it and naming it Calico Roasts (after our favourite bar in the Calico Jacks in cayman (but Roast being my nickname) and having some where to escape in a year when we weren't allowed out!

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