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The Cavern

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My shed is special as it is like a little pub so friends and family can drink, play games, have meals in it (we have had Christmas dinner in here, held my son's wedding in the garden and had parties down here too)In the summer we spend time down here with the doors flung open, it has a television, wi fi and music

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This was originally the blue print of an aviary when we moved here, we then made it into a tool shed at the very point of the v shape with a door into a room which had a wood turning lathe in, it soon got filthy and full of junk so we decided to make a room to relax in with a long seat tha we got out of a demolished pub, then my husband made a matching one for the other side and I covered them in material, then we acquired some pub tables which I have recently decorated in beer tops and epoxy resin, one is of the apple logo and the other is The Beatles surrounded by a Union Jack. It has been evolving over the years, but now has a bar complete with optics, the door into the tool shed looks like the steps down the The Cavern in Liverpool and the walls look like the arches in the cavern. One arch has a picture painted of Cilla Black when she was young as she was the cloak room attendant there. The ceiling has every Beatles son title written on and the back wall is similar to the back wall of The Cavern with lots of old 60's group names. The bulk head light has been painted to look like The Beatles drum kit, The magical Mystery Tour Bus has the 4 Beatles sitting inside and my husband as the driver. A light box has been made with strip lights inside and a cut out of Rock'n'Roll and the clock has been painted like The Rolling Stones tongue logo. There is a wood burning stove on the corner in gas it gets cold and lots of Beatles memorabilia on the walls. My husband is a big Beatles fan and we have visited the real Cavern in Liverpool many times and this is our little tribute. Outside to the right, the fence is painted like The Abbey Road cover, There is a hand made wooden 'The Cavern' sign and a little gate that leads to the shed has an Abbey Road Road sign that looks like it's on a wall

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