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The Swifties Inn

  • Sheddie:

    mark Renyard
  • Location:

    fareham hampshire - Hampshire
  • First entered:

  • Cost of shedbuild:

    £250 to £499


An Entertaining shed come pub, big enough to host a celebration for around 20 people , i made it from 2 wooden sheds put together, then out of 8 recycled wooden doors, made an extension, consisting of 4 doors to make the roof and sides. Then recycled metal sheets for the whole of the shed roof!

Other info

The Pub is named after a song and dance act that was formed by my late Nan and Grandpa just after the war. My Nan and Grandpa used to live in a road called Swift gardens in Southampton, and formed a song and dance act that toured around parts of Southampton entertaining people in community centers and churches. When my Nan and granddad passed on they left me some money, so i built a bar in name of them. My Nan was the piano player, granddad on the trumpet, and my late mum and uncle bill were the two cute dancers and singers. Apparently i've heard people still talk about them today . With whats happened this year and last year, how we could of done with people like this, Hardly no money and just the pleasure of entertaining people for absolutely nothing. The Bar has old photos of the band and old programmes etc on the walls. The band was not only for family, many other children joined in on the shows, it rearly must of been a great community spirit . When you come and take a visit to swifties, it rearly is a trip down memory lane .

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