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The Pink Flamingo Tiki Bar

  • Sheddie:

    Ruth davies
  • Location:

    Middle section of Back garden - West Midlands
  • First entered:

  • Cost of shedbuild:

    £150 to £249


My husband built it from the frame from the chicken run he had previously built - the chickens went to live in the countryside after a fox killed some. He built it as a surprise whilst I was on holiday with my friend In 2019. We have been so lucky to have it through lockdown and even went in there instead to celebrate Christmas Day this year as we did not see our family.. We have had so many lovely times in there both pre Covid with friends and family and Covid just us. We have treated ourselves to a ooni pizza oven and have been eating alfresco even in the snow. The sound of the rain on the tin roof is a fantastic sound if somewhat noisy.

Other info

It is made out of mostly reclaimed material and was a family effort between my husband and son. The bar is from a chest off drawers we had when we first lived together. The seats and cupboard are made from pallets the same as the walls. The window frame was reclaimed too.

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