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Green Gables

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    Klaus Green
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    Garden - Surrey
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    More than £1000


Used mainly for storage in the absense of a garage, the shed also houses a custom work bench. Whilst every aspect of this shed has been custom designed and made to measure, the bespoke door in the north-eastern gable in the perfect size from which to retrieve the lawnmower, straight onto the grass - avoiding any difficult lifts or manoeuvres when getting it out or putting it away. This lawnmower is, in turn, stored directly behind the door, under the custom worktable. This shed's carefully considered architectural features, and careful craftmanship single it out from the crowd of lockdown sheds.

Other info

Klaus is the owner of this brilliant shed. Constructed by myself and Klaus (my dad) during lockdown, the shed replaces an old timber shed, upgrading it in every way from the self-cast concrete base, to the timber portico, metal sorting shelves, complex roof junctions, beatifully hand crafted and glazed windows, water-tight rubber roof and the inclusion of mains electricity. Set on a course of self-layed masonary, this shed forced us to use many new and alien techniques, but the results are very much worth the time and effort. Not only does it free up far more space in the garden, for a new patio, but it replaces an eye-sore with the jewel of the yard!

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