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    Rosemary Dixon
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    garden - Norfolk
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  • Cost of shedbuild:

    £250 to £499


I have been home working in my shed on and off during lockdowns this past year (i'm a librarian so normally to be found in a library). I also retreat there to play my violin or paint acrylics, mend clothing and knit, listen to podcasts and music and daydream by writing poems. It's been particularly important for the past decade or so as a warm and secure home for my family of cacti and succulents.

Other info

It was originally the type of unappealing but useful garden shed where you open the door and throw in whatever needs to be stored, so untidy and crammed was it when I first moved here. But my partner then renovated it, put in insulation and generally transformed it into a wonderful retreat. It has a gabled roof so is particularly good for displaying my increasing community of hanging plants.

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