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Shed was donated by a fellow allotmenteer who was going to burn it next day unless I wanted it but I had to take it that day. It is very smalll like a police box but heavy as solid wood. Our allotments have no facillities and all day sessions are difficult for ladies especially after the customary cup of tea. So I decided that the shed should be a WC. I had bought a portaloo for our tiny camper van but we tend to use campsites so I repurposed the loo for the allotment. I love the beach and swimming being an all year round open water swimmer decided to theme my plot as a nautical scene with pebbles, lobster pots and floats. Family and friends have gifted me beach themed items which I have used to decorate the interior. With a net and a plastic lobster and a life belt etc. I thought of painting it in stripes which is the only cost involved. Even the base is a recycled milk crate i inherited with loads of rubbish from the previous owner.I think of it as my lifesaver shed.

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As above shed was given to me free by an allotent neighbour. The owner wanted rid of it that day as was getting new one delivered next day. With just y husband to help we devised a plan to roller it 'Roman style' to its new site on my plot using several metal rods and an old piece of carpet.The roof was rotten and not wanting to spend oney on it my husband cleverly made a new roof from offcuts of wood from the garage wrapped in black plastic sheeting recycled from another project. Living by the sea and a keen open water swimmer i have a beach theme idea for the allotment so I painte it in blue and white stripes to look like a beach hut. i am the ECO coordinator for a primary school championing re use, recycle and reduce and support the children for our green flag award. I like to think I lead by example.

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