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The Reivers Arms

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Our shed is special because it is a love affair to the beautiful Northumbrian countryside where we live. Our family name originates in the area and is a border reiver family name.

So we decided the theme the shed on all the things that are wonderful about the local area.

We sourced pictures and photos of the local area over the last 100 years. Have signed pics from famous Northumbrians such as Robson Green and Bobby Robson.

Local ale paraphernalia adorns the beams and walls. We have celebrated our birthdays in the pub and are itching to have our friends and neighbours over for a lock in!

Other info

We started the build because the shed was just wasted being used as a garden storage area and was a huge waste of space.

So we emptied it out.

Painted the inside with two shades of cuprinol paint and my husband built the bar himself over the lockdown.

We sourced the furniture from local selling pages and even had a beer hand pull donated from a local pub.

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