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Yewtree Arms

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    Derek Jones
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    APPROXIMATELY 200 £ - Merseyside
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The shed was initially a small summerhouse but as I have taken the windows out of the sides and just left the glass doors I suppose it would be referred to as a shed. Its been a labour of love and kept my sanity during lockdown.

Other info

The shed was initially swapped for some labour as I helped a friend with some work, She didnt want it and told me if I could move it I could have it. One hired flatbed later and it was in my garden.

I wanted to do up the shed as a sort of retreat, have a beer, listen to the match, (boys things as my wife calls it). I wanted to do the shed for as little money as I could get away with as a sort of challenge to myself.

Lots of scrounging old pallets and bar related things and I am well on the way but as they say......its an ongoing project.

The table and barstools I have made myself and all the walls have been papered and 'palleted' out. The fridge was £10 and the lighting was probably the most expensive at approx. £50

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