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The Clubhouse

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This was a project between me and my Dad so that during lockdown I wouldn't have to work out of my kitchen anymore. It is not only my workspace but also my shed so there is a mix of garden tools and work equipment which I love.

My Dad was the mastermind behind the design and creation, I mainly helped with holding equipment and painting. It was constructed over about 5 days in the October of 2020 when restrictions had been eased slightly and have been working out of it since January 2021.

One wall is almost completely glass so when the sun shines it is a lovely area to work in and also keeps it nice and warm.

Other info

The doors and windows of the shed are reclaimed (my dad is a Carpenter so has managed to salvage quite a lot. He has insulated the whole shed so when the sun comes out it is glorious and warm.

Currently there is no power directly to the shed so I am working off an extension lead to the house but the next plan will be to have it full powered.

Dad has put guttering around the back of the shed connected to a water butt so I have ample water for my gardening projects and I managed to attach the peg boards onto the back wall myself so all my tools are safe and away while I'm working.

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