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    Chris Lochrie
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    Back garden where a dead tree was. - Swansea
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  • More than £500


It was built as a writer's studio/ escape/ summerhouse/storage for my wife (Though I rarely store my wife in there ) - at minimal cost. I had a dozen or more old pallets and some packing timber from a friend...what do you do with that lot?

Other info

The main structure is the old pallets clad in UPVC hollow soffit board (cheap) and insulated with old polystyrene packaging ( The pallets create a ready made cavity wall !) Interior lining is deconstructed pallet timber. With such materials there was no plan. You are dictated by what fits where. 'Seat of the pants' method of construction.

Shelf spaces 'appeared' like magic at pallet tops (see photos). All very 'organic'. It has one window that was an old patio door and another an old bedroom window rotated 90 degrees.

The roof materials, front doors and side cladding are the only constructional purchases. The interior paint is all my left over 'bits' mixed together....not a bad colour outcome ! Exterior paint is SHADES 'Forgetmenot'.

It's still a work in progress.

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