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The Isolation Pub Sessions Shed

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What started off life as a simple garden office/studio for me to work in as a musician has now become a place where people around the country (and beyond!) gather together virtually on a regular basis to meet up and play music together.

Traditional folk sessions generally happen in pubs ... and during the first lockdown we quickly realised that these would be impossible have under the restrictions so I just pretended my shed was a pub, played some tunes and invited people to join in with me ... what I didn't expect was people to send me videos of themselves doing just that - and then I realised I could edit the videos together so it really sounded like a real session and put it on YouTube.

This took off and in Spring/Summer of 2020 and we ended up having a session every week with up to 50 musicians playing from as far away as Canada, Japan and Italy!

We're still doing them every month and a very real community of people who are regulars now exists despite most of them never having met!

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The shed itself is a 3 x 5m log cabin made from a kit (Lillevilla) and customised with extra insulation and a tin roof I added. It's painted a smart black with white trim (inspired by east coast fishermans sheds).

In addition to the sessions it's become famous for in the folk world it's also used as an accordion repair workshop ... used to dry herbs, garlic, onions and chillis - doubles up as a studio for recording demos - can be turned in to a spare room for travelling musician friends who need to stay over after gigs (once that's allowed again!) ... not an inch of space is wasted!

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