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Tranquillity Base

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The Shed has seven outward sloping sides with a seven sided domed roof. The construction materials are mostly recycled and the majority of the spend was roofing felt and polycarbonate windows to protect the stained glass. One of the things I like about the shed is how all the parts donated by friends family and neighbours have come together and work as a unit.

I'm not at all religious but love the atmosphere created in religious buildings and have tried to create some of that in the shed. The IN MEMORIAM stained glass is not about the dead, its beautiful colours and fantastic designs evoke all kinds of memories and reflections in a peaceful uncluttered space. I have also made a pond to be viewed through the open doors.

The trap door in the centre is used to hide gifts for visitors (pictured is a wooden box made from drift wood salvaged from the Mersey) The under floor space also makes an excellent beer cooler (additional cooling can be found in the pond) and the shed is also a great space for entertaining.

Other info

The heptagonal shed with its outward leaning walls was a challenging structure to build due to all the weird angles, it has a fairly small foot print and from the outside you see only two or at the most three of its sides and in true T.a.r.d.i.s fashion it looks much bigger inside than expected.

The shed occupies the location of the old chicken run and the wood from this provided the base of the frame. Much of the cladding and the uprights were from Rob and Jo's old rotting shed. Some of the floor is reclaimed Maple from a school Gym and left over from my kitchen project. The wider Maple boards came from Sue and Bob's garage after a clear out.

The stained glass is from a Synagogue in Cardiff that was converted to a business centre and was left over from a project to replace some wooden door panels.

The opening window was pulled from a skip by friend Alison, the York stone and decking wood was donated by friends Ian and Charles and was discarded after their house was remodelled by George Clarke's tv program "Old House New Home".

The aluminium dome on top is a re-purposed fishing float I found washed up on the Isle of Skye. The roof cladding was mostly from neighbours Glen and Carla's bathroom, The door frames from an old Mahogany wardrobe and re panelled with Maple from gym floor and a cut up glass shelf from my green house.

The centre star is made from pitch pine reclaimed from St James's Church in New Brighton after renovations and had been in my shed for over 20 years. Special thanks to Michelangelo for the use of his Hand of God (not yours Maradona) and Georges Lemaitre father of the big bang theory.

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