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The Man Cave

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The shed isn't just a shed, its a dream I've had for years. I've always wanted my own pool table and as I was building a workshop to store some tools I suddenly thought I can do more with this space. As I was continuing to build the frame I realised I could make so much more out of this space, for myself, family and friends. Its the perfect space with a bit for everyone, my pool table, arcades, a bar, juke box and just somewhere you don't expect to walk into.

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I've never done anything like this before. I'm a delivery driver and do the odd DIY projects but nothing like this. I learnt as I went along and there's definitely lots id do differently with the build if I ever got to do it again. Sometimes I walk in there and think wow I did this, every bit of it is built by hand. I didnt have any plans or drawings, it was trial and error, doing what I thought would work, testing it and seeing it all come together. It was a 5 minute job, it actually took me a few years and I only got to concentrate on it when I was made redundant. Im constantly adding to it and everything inside it is a memory and it all has a special meaning. Im proud of what I've achieved. I've got photos of the build so could share these too.

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