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The Snug

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We wanted to create a gastro-style-pub within just metres from our back door, whilst keeping the feel of a generic garden shed on the outside.

When you open the doors, you are transported to a deluxe and cosy atmosphere - which feels like a million miles away from our Stockport cul-de-sac.

What makes The Snug different is that upon first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that it contained garden tools or bikes. But inside, it couldn't be further from that.

We have spent a long time carefully planning and designing the interior of The Snug, and we think that that is apparent when you spend time in it.

We have thought about the design and look for each corner of the Snug. Inside we have a corner bar, complete with a beer pump, a wine rack, space for a fridge and shelving for beers and glasses.

Behind the bar on the back wall, there are shelves for spirit bottles and a wine glass rail underneath.

All around the perimeter of the bar there is a drinks shelf/arm rest, further enhancing the 'gastro-pub' feel. There is a wooden bench with a leather padded cushion in one corner and there are a few bar stools in different corners.

We have been careful to choose a colour scheme which gives a luxurious feel - with lots of dark green, black and gold elements. We have created a gallery wall with some bespoke images, including one of our great-grandad on a war horse in the First World War.

In the centre of the bar, there is a handmade drinks table, which has been crafted in the same way as the rest of the furnishings. We also have a brass foot rail on the bar, making it feel like you are sitting in a real pub.

Comfortably, five people can sit inside the Snug and enjoy drinks and the luxe feel of a real up-market, trendy and welcoming bar.

We wanted to be able to host garden parties, while making the most of our Snug. So we have attached a foldaway scaffold board shelf to the outside, and a 90 degree opening window. This means not only can we have five people inside the Snug, we can also host people sitting or standing at the folding shelf.

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All of the wooden furnishings, for example the bar, the shelving, the table, the bench - have all been made in our garden, using scaffold boards. The wood has been worked to bring out the grain and then stained to give a warm, authentic feel.

In order to make it feel even more cosy, we have put cladding on the walls of the shed and stained it.

It is called 'The Snug' because we wanted to make the most of the relatively small 8x7 sized shed. Its structure blends with the garden and we decided not to paint the exterior.

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