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The Gardener's Inn

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  • Location:

    End of the Garden - Essex
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  • Cost of shedbuild:

    £150 to £249


What makes my Shed Special Is.......

I turned it from an eye soar into a Beautiful Old Style Black & White Theme Pub.

I had a vision and for the first time in my Life something came out even better than I

Expected ! I worked hard on this project and Love my Pub.

It brings fun times and also a relaxing place to sit and have a coffee.

I have held numerous Parties, and events such as Casino Evenings. Which held 9 people

inside pretty comfortably (3 around the little table, 4 on bar stools and 2 behind the Bar).

Other info

If I was to License 'The Gardiner's Inn' I believe it would be the SMALLEST Pub in England

by about 5 inches.

A lot of the The Pub was made using wood that I collected or I had. The shelves were big lumps of rough wood,

that I sanded and stained, The Bar Counter was an old table. The Small Pub Table when found was missing the top, So I bolted an old clock on it upside down. The small bench was made found mostly smashed and was put back together and any excess wood that was needed, I used tongue and groove. It also acts as a storage for all the Casino items, and spare Pub items.

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