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Victoria's Woodshed

  • Sheddie:

    Clive bamberger
  • Location:

    Back garden - Suffolk
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  • Cost of shedbuild:

    More than £1000


I started making this shed as a rectangle but then I twisted the base so it was out of square on purpose on the sides only also the floor pan is narrower than the the roof line because I wanted the the shed to be wider at the top to give a TARDIS effect when opening the door also it looks like the door is only just over 4-ft 8 High but in actual fact the entire door frame opens and would allow a 7-ft man to enter without bending his head also the back of the shed is lower than the front and the ridge is serpentine and just to make it more interesting I put a dormer window in it

Other info

This shed build took a long time to build in my mind and it is constructed from Oak planks that came from wind fallen trees that were planted to celebrate the coronation of Queen Victoria I went into the woods with with a woodsman and cut 3 complete trunks in the woods and brought them and sorted them at my house the entire shed is built on stilts which are Oak clad concrete and they go into the ground nearly 5 ft there is hedgehog nesting boxes underneath again made of oak there is over 900 hand cut Oak shingles tiles on the roof over 2000 stainless steel screws the floor is made from reclaimed oak flooring that was to be burnt as firewood there is a bunk to sleep on that is supported by hand-forged chains I was lucky enough to know the chap who lived in the Granary at Flatford Mill this property used to be be John constables fathers Granary and there is a rumour that these chains actually came from the Wagon that was in the famous painting the Haywain every window is different hand carved by myself I could carry on on but maybe if you want more information you can give me me a call as for inspiration in a nearby wood in Felixstowe there is a fairy tree it was this tree that gave me the inspiration to make something more adult and yet still childlike

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