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The Pub Shed

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The Pub Shed has been a dream of mine for years. My wife bought me a leather key ring for our 3rd wedding anniversary with 'The Pub Shed' embossed on it. That was back in 2015... so it's nice to finally have the shed dream become a reality!

I've tried to keep everything as authentic as possible. For years I had the idea that I wasn't going to just end up with shed with a bar inside it that I called a 'pub shed'. I wanted this to be the real deal. I wanted people to walk in and say "Oh my god! It's actually a pub!" and not want to leave! There's loads of little touches that help add to the feel of the place. The little brass coat hooks under the bar top are one of my favourite features. Just little things like this make it really feel like you've stepped into a good old proper pub.

The vibe I wanted was a late 90's/early naughties old country pub - the sort of pub that's dying off. Although the price list on the wall is from 1986 (the year I was born!) which was quite a nice eBay find. Not bad prices though... only a few pence a pint!

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I'd never previously carried out any work like this so everything was a learning curve. The shed itself was bought online but erecting it, insulating it and building the bar counter from scratch etc etc was all ridiculously daunting at first. After practising by building a log store and a children's play pub... er... I mean play house... I thought I'd just bite the bullet and give it a good go. It's amazing what can be achieved when you put your mind to something (and watch countless YouTube videos and read countless online articles about building stuff!)

Pretty much all of the furniture was second hand or stuff I've had for years. I spent hours searching online and keeping an eye on things like ebay and Facebook marketplace for bargains, making sure that I wasn't just bidding on random 'pub stuff' but ensuring everything I bought would fit the theme. I was collating stuff years prior to actually purchasing the shed! I didn't want everything to be pristine either. I wanted some stuff to be a bit battered and well-used previously. I managed to collect an old table for free from a local estate agent and they apologised about it being a bit broken, to which I replied "No, it's perfect! Exactly what I wanted!".

I remember telling people years ago that I would one day build a pub shed but I don't think anyone thought it would be as authentic as it has ended up. I'm so proud of it, it would be an honour to even be considered for Shed of the Year.

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