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This was my lockdown project as I really missed going to the the pub / real beer / clubbing / House music / Ibizan holidays / etc ..

It’s been great to hold parties .. watch football .. chill out with a gin in the sunshine .. and it’s a great place to work on my DJ skills ..

We’ve had 14 people in the bar so far .. and lots of the glasses / signs / beer pumps / parasol / etc all come from Spain too so it’s pretty authentic. I’m not a huge DIYer so I’m proud to have built a place for all the family & our friends to enjoy - even if they did rename it”Fernandos” !!!

Other info

The Bar is a 5mt x 3mt summerhouse . We dug out the clay foundations and laid over a tonne of broken stone for the foundations (carrying it all by hand uphill !!). The shell went up in a day and the electrics in day 2 - it has a junction box and 8 x sockets for the fridge / TVs / Surround Sound / heaters / lights / etc. I added a 5KW stove & chimney (again built myself) and its warm throughout the colder nights. The terrace is simply AstroTurf with 2 x garden beaches ready for summertime.

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