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Luker’s Own Junkyard

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The Junkyard was inspired by our wedding venue, God’s Own Junkyard which is a neon light paradise in East London. The aim of our bar was to transport anyone who enters it back to their childhoods with retro nods to the 80’s/90’s/00’s with the bonus of bright lights and graffiti and with the added bonus of copious amounts of alcohol! We wanted people to be wowed by not just the vast array of drinks but also the vast array of junk, toys and memorabilia within the bar so that with each visit they spot something new!

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We built this bar ourselves, Mrs L supervising! with absolutely no building knowledge or experience other than using the wonder of YouTube! We did have some assistance from my dad who was a builder but as he has Alzheimer’s this created a whole load of other challenges to work around (bricking up the door for one) Without YouTube we would not have been able to build this bar as we watched endless videos ranging from foundations and block work to different graffiti styles and cladding. We completed (say completed as I don’t think it ever will be fully completed) the bar in September 2021.

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