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Main feature is that it allows my wife to work at home (when not travelling with work), but not in the home with all the noise and commotion that goes on in there from me and our 2 boys!! Minimal commute, home in time for tea and importantly saves on the cost of office rental.

Lots of insulation, loads of natural daylight, dedicated data supply, underfloor heating, electric panel heater, lighting and lots of power sockets.

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Built on a part of the garden that we weren't able to use or incorporate.

Tidies up what was had become a bit of a dumping ground in the garden.

Total cost of materials was expensive, but it had to be right to make it comfortable to work in. All materials were new; timber panelled interior (I didn't want to learn to plaster), new windows/doors, GRP roof. Had to run electric from the house which required an electrician (high cost in materials alone).

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