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Night time of shed - Recycled Shed / Artans Hotel, Greater London Curtains closed of shed - Recycled Shed / Artans Hotel, Greater London Day Time of shed - Recycled Shed / Artans Hotel, Greater London Working from home of shed - Recycled Shed / Artans Hotel, Greater London Seating of shed - Recycled Shed / Artans Hotel, Greater London
All photos are copyright sheddie Will Howard

Recycled Shed / Artans Hotel

  • Sheddie:

    Will Howard
  • Location:

    Back garden of a 1-bed flat in south London - Greater London
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    Shed Features

    Our shed is selfbuilt constructed from a mixture of lowcost lowcarbon and recycled materials This selfinitiated minibuilding was conceived as a working from home space a lockdown project and providing room to grow for a small family living in a 1bedroom apartmentIn response to the new normal of home working the project provides working space with just enough separation from home We considered engaging a local contractor or specialist company to build a garden room however we were soon disheartened by both the limited design options available and the high costs exacerbated by material supply and labour shortages As a result a bespoke selfbuild was explored tailored in an adhoc way responding to materials available during lockdown at a local building merchant The shed is almost entirely built from wood finished with black cuprinol with recycled glazing from a Victorian bay window recently upgraded by a family member The low buildcost was also achieved by using corrugated bitumen cladding a costefficient material which also creates an interesting play of shadows from the surrounding wooden framing on the faadeA brickwork path was laid to reach the room using up a backlog of brick samples gathered over many years Not only was space saved in the material library but these samples were used rather than ending up in landfillThe shed is sits in a shared outdoor space and overlooks our neighbours welltended and characterful garden Inside there is space for a composting toilet offgrid water storage and sink comfortable seating a spacious desk and various other belongings The design is humble and simple but represents a dramatic change in our quality of life especially now that so much time is spent at home

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