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From drawing the initial plans to putting the last coat of paint on the walls, this workshop is a product of my own making. I designed it to meet my specific needs, as it not only serves as a home workshop, but I use it for my garden design business as well.

I have used several reclaimed materials, including the roof tiles, windows and guttering. This has helped to give it the "weathered" look I was going for. Internally I have built all the storage, such as a custom-made shelving unit with drawers and spaces for tools.

It is a very sturdy building that utilises an unused corner of the garden. It will be there for many years to come!

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This was completely handmade. I designed the building, drew up the plans, dug and poured the foundations, built the framework and cladded it, put the roofing on, drywalled internally and made the doors. The only thing I didn't do was hook up the electrics!

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