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Covid Safe Hangout Shed

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The aim for this shed was to create a COVID safe hangout where my parents and their friends could enjoy each others company, whilst being able to social distance. Obviously living in the UK the weather is variable to say the least. Therefore somewhere where their friends could sit without getting rained on in the garden was ideal. The budget given to me was around the £500 mark, with a bit of leniency. However, other than that the clients had a very open mind about design and layout so I went away and had a think about the space and where it sat in the garden and presented the below slideshow of ideas to them.

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The aim was for the eye to be immediately drawn to this warming and inviting central point where the chairs, rug, cushions, table and basket of blankets sit. I wanted to keep the wooden wall but make it more visually appealing.

I chose to mimic the pattern in the green pillow in the form of a mural, whilst also taking inspiration from my surroundings and my slideshow mood board. I added a splash of colour in the flower to add depth and intrigue into the space. I also didn't want the shed to become monotonous in colour.

The trellis storage cover included fake foliage and was perfect for covering the storage space in the shed. The design of the trellis meant that it could easily be pulled out of the storage hole with ease and compressed inwards so that the size was significantly reduced and put to the side. This allowed for items in the storage hole to be easily retrieved but also covered up.

Another aim was to fill the holes showing the back of the shed, where more items were stored. I decided upon a mirror to reflect the beautiful scenery of the garden, add more light and bring the outside, inside. I also went for some woven wall decorations which can easily be lifted off a hook hanging it and a fake candle enclosed in a holder so as to not be fire hazard. I chose hanging shelves to as not to impose too much into the space but also ensuring it felt finished and appealing to the eye. I placed artificial plants of different heights alongside candles. As this is a fairly dark space bringing fake plants was essential so this did not die whilst also being low maintenance. It was also important for me to bring more light into the shed. To frame the shed I picked out some festoon connected bulbs that were solar powered. This ensured low maintenance again but also being aesthetically pleasing. The colour palette was very much natural and based on the garden. I tried to introduce different textures through patterns such as the weave basket, geometric black and white pillow, rattan style chairs, natural reed style screen and fake foliage.

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