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Paradise Pub

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Once my wife's COVID project request of replacing our old broken fence was completed, she wanted raised cedar garden boxes... then a stone patio... then a fire pit. Well, once all this was finished, we realized our shed full of junk that was overlooking our new outdoor escape really took away from the ambiance!

So she requested I clean it up, to which I responded "can I build a pub?"... yup!

The adventure began and turned out to be more than I could have ever imagined!

- a gathering place

- an escape at home

- a place of inspiration


and most importantly, a place to display family treasures from around the world and remember my Dad.

Other info

The Paradise Pub initial idea was to build a small tiki bar to cover up the messy shrapnel in the large shed...

It transformed the shed, but also our lives providing SO MANY advantages... I was even interviewed by CBC Canada for their Pandemic Project story!

The tremendous response led to me opening a new company called 'SPACES 2 PLACES' away from home at home!

I now build/convert shed projects for other people, based on their 'happy place' and use the other half of my shed as my workshop.

The Paradise Pub is ever changing, always adding new treasures and creating new stories!

An amazing experience with SO much more I could tell you about!

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