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During the lockdown I needed a space where to put all the network and Internet of Things devices that I need for my job. I had lost access to my lab at work and was spreading them all around the house, testing my family's patience and tolerance. I had a tiny space at the end of the garden that could fit a tiny lab, so I rolled up my sleeves, looked around the block for unused pallets, found a sliding patio door on ebay for around £200 and started building my lab shed. I created an underground conduit to bring power and data to it, used a lot of insulation and clad it with crisps packets so the roof is kept cool. It is a very pleasant place where to work as it is like being outside and it keeps a nice temperature in winter with minimal heating and summer just by keeping the door a little open for ventilation. I can't work without it!

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I built my garden lab shed almost only with timber I had from a previous job, bricks for foundation from a patio door opening I had created earlier in the year, pallets thrown in the street around the industrial area near where I live, a second hand patio sliding door found on ebay, insulation and waterproofing that I had left from insulating my loft and crisp packets that provide a nice way to make a reflective roof and keep heat out during summer. Inside, I used pegboard for the walls so I can put tool hanging equipment everywhere I need. I brought network and power cables from the house so I can have the same working experience I have at home, only better as I can enjoy the garden all year round. The shed sliding door is oriented toward south and I have curved the side of the roof that is above it so that it can reflect sunshine and moonlight in the north facing garden, increasing the amount of daylight and moonlight in it. As a result the house is also brighter and the garden has more light, such a great improvement!

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