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The Craft Room

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The summerhouse provided a great escape in lockdown, as we were both keyworkers, and it gave us somewhere to escape to. It has been furnished using second hand furniture and fittings, and provided somewhere for my vintage collections (bottles, keys, clocks, etc), that were building up in the house. I love the chilled vibe in there, and we spend loads of time in it, on our own or with friends for meet ups (and competitive darts, obviously!) and I love to spend time crafting in there, while watching the garden birds.

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The summerhouse belonged to a neighbour, we could see it from our garden and always wished it was ours! We were given chance to buy it, and had to work out how to move it at very short notice. Taking it apart wasn't an option, so with the help of neighbours and a farmer friend, it was lifted and strapped it to a farm vehicle to move it 60 feet to our garden, although there were a few hairy moments during the move (the seller insisted we paid for it before moving, just in case it ended up as a pile of firewood, and the farmer only admitted afterwards that he thought it was impossible!) Moral of the story - if you want something bad enough - never give up!

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